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Mastering Web GIS: A Comprehensive Training in QGIS and Open Source Mapping Technologies

Delve into web map application architecture, spatial analysis, and customization with our comprehensive certificate training Program in QGIS and open-source mapping technologies.

After completion you'll be familiar with:

  • QGIS

  • Geoserver

  • PostGIS and PostgreSQL

  • Leaflet JS API

  • Bootleaf Map Templates

Online mode with customized class timings

Doubt clearing sessions with personalized assistance

Trainers with 5+ years of hands-on experience in various aspects of Geospatial Technology

Duration- 90 Days/180Hrs.

Monday-Friday (2Hrs. / day)

Training Overview


  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS Training

  • Geoserver Training Module

  • Getting Started with Geoserver

  • Drawing Prettier Maps

  • Advanced Styling

  • Running in Production

  • Other Web Services 

  • Advanced Raster Management

  • Security

  • 4 CPD points

  • Introduction to Web Application

  • LEAFLET Training Module


Training Module


  • Module 1: Getting Started.

  • Module 2: Open Layers Syntax.

  • Module 3: Base and Vector Layers

  • Module 4: Map Controls

  • Module 5: Styling.

  • Setting up Map Project Environment and Workflow.

  • Understanding Client Technology or Frontend: HTML, CSS, AND JS.

  • Getting Start with OOPs.

  • JavaScript Basics.

  • JavaScript Objects.

  • JavaScript BOM - Browser Objects.

  • JavaScript DOM - Document Objects.

  • Introduction to SVG.

  • Using GeoJSON Data.

  • HTML4 & HTML5 Tutorial.

  • Integrate a Web Database

PostgreSQL and PostGIS Training

  • Introduction to PostgreSQL and PostGIS 

  • Installing PostgreSQL and PostGIS for Windows.

  • Administering PostGIS with pgAdmin III.

  • Creating new spatial databases.

  • The structure of a PostGIS database.

  • Importing existing data into PostGIS.

  • Creating new PostGIS layers.

  • Deleting PostGIS layers.

  • Backing up and restoring your PostGIS data.

  • Performance tips: Getting the most out of PostGIS.

  • Viewing and editing PostGIS layers in a GIS environment

Geoserver Training Module

  • Introduction to GeoServer 

  • What is Geoserver?

  • Introduction to data types and projection.

  • Web Administrator Interface.

  • Data Directory Structure

Getting Started with Geoserver

  • Download and Install GeoServer.

  • Deploying In Application Server.

  • How to add simple vector data to GeoServer.

  • How to add simple raster data to GeoServer.

  • Setup Apache Tomcat Server.

  • Deploy Geoserver with Apache Tomcat.

  • Load Vector and Raster data into Geoserver

Drawing Prettier Maps

  • Simple Styling.

  • Labelling features on the map.

  • Importing styles from QGIS.

  • Free marker templates

Advanced Styling

  • Advanced SLD.

  • Free marker templates.

  • Concept of WMS and WFS.

  • Cascading remote WFS.

  • Basic Web Processing Services (WPS) set up.

  • Functions.

  • External Graphics.

  • Working the Openlayers

Running in Production

  • Advanced Configuration.

  • Flow control.

  • Monitoring​

Other Web Services

  • Basic Web Coverage Service (WCS) set up.

  • Cascading remote WFS.

  • Basic Web Processing Services (WPS) set up

Advanced Raster Management

  • How to reformat raster using GDAL.

  • Image mosaics.

  • Image pyramids


  • Users & Roles.

  • LDAP, Active Directory

4 CPD points

  • GeoWebCache.

  • Build your own WPS Process (Java Programming).

  • Build your own data store (Java Programming).

  • Customize the renderer (Java Programming).

  • Caching maps with GeoWebCache.

  • Introduction to PostGIS.

  • Delivering Vector Data.

  • Layer Publishing 

Introduction to Web Application

  • Webserver and Client.

  • HTML and HTTP.

  • Understanding URL.

  • Web application Directory structure.

  • Deployment descriptor.

LEAFLET Training Module

  • Introduction

  • Mapping Online.

  • LeafletJS.

  • Shapes and Basics.

  • Popups and Icons - Part 1.

  • Popups and Icons - Part 2.

  • GeoJsons 

  • Bounds.

  • Events Part 1.

  • Events Part 2.

  • Events Part 3.

  • Design 

  • Overlays and Interactivity.

  • Overlay Design

  • Map Data.

  • Integration.

  • Advance Integration

  • Heatmaps.

  • Clustering.

  • Geolocation.

  • Routing and Directions.

  • Drawing.

  • Images on the map.

  • Creating Interactive Web Map application with Bootleaf Map Templates.


  • Basic Knowledge in Programming & GIS

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