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Master in Geospatial Analysis Training

This comprehensive Training Program covers all the GIS Architecture tools and topics from basic to advance level that you are expected to master to build your career in Geospatial Technologies.

After the Course you'll be familiar with

  • ArcGIS Pro/QGIS

  • ArcGIS Online

  • Python-ArcPY

  • Google Earth Engine

  • PostGIS and Geoserver

  • Ai & Machine Learning

Both online and offline(Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram) mode available with customized class timings

Doubt clearing sessions with personalized assistance

Trainers with 5+ years of hands-on experience in various aspects of Geospatial Technology

Duration- 6 Months

[4 months training+2 months Internship]

What you'll learn

  • ArcGIS Pro/QGIS

  • Python with ArcPy

  • Google Earth Engine

  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS and Geoserver with 2 months internship

  • Basic to advanced course in GIS with remote sensing training using ArcGIS Pro and QGIS

  • Map Creation, map editing

  • Geoprocessing & Georeferencing

  • Databases and Data Management (PostgreSQL with PostGIS Extension)

  • Network Analysis

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Model Builder

  • 3D Visualization

  • Image Classification and image processing with Ai

  • Map Automation using Python

  • Data analysis, conversion, and management

  • Business Intelligence with Live Dashboards

  • GIS Desktop to Web (Geoserver)

Earth image

Course Tools and Exercises

360 VR using Revit and ArcGIS Pro

Automating NDVI using Python

ArcGIS Online Dashboard

Dynamic NDVI Analysis and Deforestation Monitoring Using Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery using GEE

Course Content

Basic GIS Desktop Topics (ArcGIS Pro & QGIS)

ArcGIS Online (Practical)

Google Earth Engine(GEE)

Python with ArcGIS Pro & ArcPy

PostgreSQL with POSTGIS Extension & GIS Desktop into web GeoServer

Advance GIS Desktop Topics (ArcGIS Pro & QGIS)

Advance Geo-Spatial Analysis using AI & ML

  • Exploring Geo-Spatial Python Libraries


Any Graduate From Science & Engineering

Top Companies who hire GIS Professionals

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Internship and Placement Support

  • 2 Months of UnPaid Internship in Bangalore with Research Team of AGSRT

  • On-Live Current Social Issues

  • Publication of Reputed Conferences and Journals

  • Industrial Internship & Research

  • Field Based Studies

  • Projects, Labs for Practice, Assignments and Assessments

  • 100% Placement support guaranteed

  • We'll refer you to top MNCs who are hiring GIS professionals, like Cognizant, Accenture, DeduceTech, Wipro, and many more. 

  • We'll prepare you for the interview

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