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Certification Training: Python Programming for QGIS

This Program provides comprehensive training in Python, focusing on its integration with QGIS through Python Programming. You'll learn Python fundamentals, advanced concepts, and practical skills to automate tasks.

After completion you'll be familiar with:

  • Basic to core Python

  • Writing scripts using PyQGIS

  • Customize and develop the tools

Online mode with customized class timings

Doubt clearing sessions with personalized assistance

Trainers with 5+ years of hands-on experience in various aspects of Geospatial Technology

Duration- 60 Days/120Hrs.

Monday-Friday (2Hrs. / day)

Training Overview

  • This Training Program introduces and teaches programming and the concepts of object-oriented programming using the Python programming language. ​

  • PyQGIS and its library will be imported to access QGIS Geoprocessing tools to write structured programs. 

  • PyQGIS includes a series of modules such as data access, mapping, spatial analysis, and network analysis. 

  • The student will develop Geoprocessing programs during the course with PyQGIS 

Why Python?

  • It is an integral part of QGIS.

  • Easy to read syntax

  • Large user community

  • Useful for scripts to control other programs​

What is PyQGIS ?

  • PyQGIS is a specific set of Python code that can be used with QGIS. It can help you to automate tasks, such as running a tool on many files at a time or running a certain tool on a regular schedule without user interaction.

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Python Core Content

Introduction to Python

  • History

  • Features

  • Setting up Path, Working with Python

  • Basic Syntax, Variable and Data Types

  • Operator

Conditional Statements

  • If, If- else, Nested if-else


  • For, While, Nested loops

Control Statements

  • Break, Continue, Pass

​​String Manipulation

  • Accessing Strings, Basic Operations

  • String slices, Function and Methods


  • Introduction

  • Accessing list, Operations

  • Working with lists, Function and Methods


  • Introduction

  • Accessing tuples, Operations

  • Working, Functions and Methods


  • Thread, Starting a thread

  • Threading module

  • Synchronizing threads

  • Multithreaded Priority Queue


  • Introduction

  • Accessing values in dictionaries

  • Working with dictionaries

  • Properties, Functions


  • Defining a function

  • Calling a function, Types of functions

  • Function Arguments, Anonymous functions

  • Global and local variables


  • Importing module, Math module

  • Random module, Packages

  • Composition


  • Printing on screen

  • Reading data from a keyboard

  • Opening and closing file

  • Reading and writing files

  • Functions

Exception Handling

  • Exception, Exception Handling

  • Except clause, Try? finally, clause

  • User-Defined Exceptions

Advance Python

  • OOPs concept, Class and object

  • Attributes, Inheritance

  • Overloading, Overriding, Data hiding

Regular expressions

  • Match function, Search function

  • Matching VS Searching

  • Modifiers, Patterns


  • Basic Knowledge in Programming & GIS

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