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A Trusted Partner for all your GIS requirements at college like training, internship, project support, Center of Excellence, GIS Software Purchase

Seminar - GIS Topics

1 hr free seminar sessions carried by an expert in GIS on various topics mainly Scope of GIS

Short term Guest Lecturer

Experts will be part of the department faculty that’s hired to cover a certain module in a paper related to GIS. This is charged hourly or based on number of students

Student Development Program

Colleges provide facilities for the institution to conduct training sessions for students. The topics will be according to the various training programs of institution. The duration will be based on the programs.

Centre of Excellence

AGSRT will help in Setting up a Center of Excellence at your college. This will help in collaborating for training, Research and Development and Lab Setup

Invited Lectures/Workshops

GIS expert will take lectures scheduled by any college department based on the topics according to the needs of departments. These are charged in hourly basis

Long term Guest Lecturer

Experts are hired mostly for a semester in order to cover a paper or a part of paper that relates to GIS

Faculty development program

If GIS is a part of the syllabus, then faculties can get training from the institution related to the topics that covered in the syllabus

Project Assistance

Our expert team will assist in the project works or dissertation works or thesis works.

College Training Program

Customized training programs as per your training needs

Basic Level GIS Training

Basic GIS Concept Training using ArcGIS and QGIS

Beginners, Juniors, Freshers, Students.

Certification Programs

ESRI Certification Preparation Course with Masterclass and question bank support

Advance Level GIS Training

Advance Topics of GIS Concepts using Advance tools of ArcGIS, QGIS, Erdas or ArcGIS Pro

Project Assistance in AGSRT

For Dissertation 

1.    Including topics, data collection, data analysis and result
2.    Students decide topics and AGSRT will assist in data collection and result
3.    Students can take training sessions of software tools along with the
 technical support as well as training support.
NB:- Students can approach AGSRT in group project as well as individual projects. The payments are based on number of project. It doesn’t matter whether it is group or individual.
The field data collection and reports must be carried by students

For Thesis Work

1.    Scholars can get assistance in GIS part of their paper.
2.    Scholars can get training specifically related to their field + expert supervision foe their work.
3.    Expert will supervise the results carried by the scholar.

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