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Terms & Condition

Please Note:
1. All Classes has to be attended, however if you miss the classes the class recordings will be shared.
2. Kindly do not take leave in between the classes, however if you take more than 15 days of Leave during the classes then the admission will be cancelled and then to complete you will have to join back as a new admission By paying the entire fees again. 
3. Labs and Assignments will have to completed at your own time and clarifications can be asked during the classes.
4. All Modules will have assessment and once you complete the training, there will be an assessment Conducted, based on the result the Certificates will be issued with Grades mentioned.
5. If you Leave the Training in Between, no refund will be provided.
6.Placement assistance will be provided, however clearing the interview will be your Responsibility. Company will not be arranging an Backdoor Jobs and the Company responsibility is to refer or assist in Job while the student with his skills or Capabilities has to clear the interview.
7. Fees Schedule is provided to you before the admission, we request you to adhere to the Same. However a Grace period of 5 days is given to make the payment. After the 5th Day, delay of Fees payment, you will incur penalty equal to a sum of Rs 100/- Per Day from the 5th Day of the Due Date and to the Date of Payment.
8. If the Payment is delayed by 1Month, then the Classes will be stopped without any prior information and you will have to join the classes as a new admission and pay the institution the complete course fees and the previous amount will not be refunded.
9. Students have to submit a project at the end of the session which again includes in your overall scoring for the Grade.
10. While in Training with the institution, the student has to maintain discipline and any concern can be raised to or by whatsapp to +919980083996. All disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the state of Karnataka.
11. Any Concern or absenteeism from Classes has to approved in writing, you can place a request by sending a mail to

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