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Urban Studies And Planning by Using GIS (Advance)

Gain advanced skills in Urban Planning by using GIS with our comprehensive Training Program. Learn theoretical concepts and practical applications, including multi-criteria decision analysis and spatial statistics, preparing you for real-world urban challenges.

After completion of the training you'll be:

  • ArcMap & QGIS

  • Spatial imagery, digital image, and digital image processing/analysis,

  • Able to make maps for publishing, extract pertinent information

Online mode available with customized class timings

Doubt clearing sessions with personalized assistance

Trainers with 5+ years of hands-on experience in various aspects of Geospatial Technology

Duration- 60 Days/120Hrs.

Monday-Friday (2Hrs./Day)

Training Overview

The candidate(s) will be made familiar with the fundamental concepts of GIS, remote sensing, and definitions such as spatial imagery, digital image, and digital image processing/analysis, etc. amongst others. Different variety of spatial data will be introduced and worked upon. Introduction to spatial analysis will provide an understanding for opting appropriate analysis tools for a specific project.

ArcGIS/Q-GIS, Microstation, and LPS are the most popular software available to perform any GIS type work. This training is geared toward understanding the fundamental concepts of:   ​

  • Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, and Cartography.

  • Geoprocessing, Geo-referencing, and Spatial Analysis.

  • Extracting information from spatial imagery and Topo Maps.

  • Analyze spatial data 

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Training Module

Service or Trade Area Analysis in an Urban Area (Theory)

  • Descriptive Trade Area

  • Prescriptive Service Area

  • Mathematical Representation of Service / Trade Area

  • Spatial Interaction

Urban sprawl characterization using Landscape Metrics (Theory and Practical)

  • Urban growth pattern

  • Metrics for Urban growth pattern

  • Urban growth analysis

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (Theory)

  • Application Areas

  • Weighting of variables

  • Weighting Methods

GIS functionality and spatial analysis in Urban planning. - Theory

  • Image Indexing

  • Site-suitability

  • Terrain Analysis

  • Land use distribution

  • Accessibility to services and amenities

  • Smart cities 

Analyzing Patterns using Spatial Statistics - Theory

  • GIS applications in combination with introductory statistics

  • Area Statistics

  • Population Density analysis

Modelling Spatial Relationships - Theory

  • Spatial calculation

  • Attribute relationship

  • Proximity analysis

Urban Heat Island (Regional level in ArcGIS and high resolution in ENVImet) (Theory and Practical)

  • Exploring the land surface temperature

  • Mapping the land surface temperature

  • Urban Heat Island (Regional level)

  • Creation of mock buildings

  • Reflectance, Emittance, Thermal energy

  • Urban Heat Island (at the local scale)

Urban Count Analysis – Theory

Urban Health sector (Theory and Practical)

  • Disaster and Hazards

  • Health assessment

  • Vulnerability, Risk and Threat Analysis

  • Green solutions 

Urban Noise Theory (Practical)

  • Usage of GPS Essentials

  • Usage of Windy

  • Use of Wide Noise

  • Compilation of the variables

Top Companies who hire GIS Professionals

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Live Project and Placement Support

  • Live project work with our team

  • Publication of Reputed Conferences and Journals

  • Industrial Internship & Research

  • Field Based Studies

  • Projects, Labs for Practice, Assignments and Assessments

  • 100% Placement support guaranteed

  • We'll refer you to top MNCs who are hiring GIS professionals, like Cognizant, Accenture, DeduceTech, Wipro, and many more. 

  • We'll prepare you for the interview

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