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Services for PhD Scholars and GIS Students/Projects/Assignments

Laptop Writing

Research Assistance - Support

We have an expert team of Researchers, Scholars, and GIS Analysts who can deliver map-making and your data analysis work. We also provide superior guidance in GIS map making protocols for Research Scholars, Professionals, Corporate Companies, Government Department, and NGO's.

1. GIS Mapping Assistance
2. GIS Academic Project Assistance
3. GIS Consulting for PhD and Research Scholars

  • Research Proposal and Methodology.

  • Project Submission.

  • Thesis.

  • Expert Review of the completed report.

  • Paper Publication Assistance in peered journals,

  • Guidance Provided.

  • PhD and Research scholar’s guidance for career, Thesis work. 

  • Reviewing the content. 

  • Plagiarism check

Business Consultation

We can Help you with.

  • Data Digitization

  • GIS Maps

  • GIS Consultation for various projects

  • Remote Sensing work

  • 3D mapping of features

  • Interactive Web Mapping

  • Parcel Mapping

  • Web-based Parcel Mapping

  • Civic works/Issues & Transportations

  • Urban Planning.

  • Demographic & Statistical Analysis

  • Fisheries, Marine Geology, Mining.

  • Forestry

  • Software & Application Development

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