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Shaping a Sustainable Future through
Innovation and Education

Our Story

Welcome to Avakaza Geoscience Research Technologies, where we bridge the gap between geospatial knowledge and real-world applications. Founded 2019 by Midhun S, a visionary in the field of geospatial science, we've grown from a fledgling startup to a pioneering force in geospatial education and solutions.

Classroom training

Navigating Tomorrow


We are dedicated to imparting visionary education in GIS, transcending geographical boundaries and empowering individuals with the knowledge to make a difference.


AGSRT aims to be the premier provider of Geospatial expertise through training and spatial solutions in all relevant fields, leading the way towards a more informed and sustainable future.

Our Work

The study explores the impact of urban sprawl on cultural heritage.


Identification of Breakages in Different types of Barriers


Geotagging and Analysis of Watersheds in


Mapping Management Resources of Bannerghatta National Park


A case study on Local Scale Urban Heat Island in Sub Urban Region of India


Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise. From seasoned GIS trainers to experts in research, development, and software development, our team is committed to driving innovation in the GeoSpatial field.

His journey began in 2007, contributing to flood analysis and mortgage support services. Subsequently, he joined Visionet Systems Inc. as a Senior Associate, specializing in flood determination for clients like Fidelity National Property, AIG, and Wells Fargo Bank. In 2015, driven by a passion for geospatial technology, he founded AGSRT to provide top-notch GIS training and innovative solutions. Midhun has personally trained over a thousand students and professionals, and under his leadership, AGSRT is advancing the integration of GIS with machine learning and artificial intelligence. His vision is for AGSRT to be a global one-stop solution provider for geospatial services, spreading the knowledge and power of GIS to address global challenges.

Midhun S

Proprietor and GIS Specialist

She holds a Ph.D. in Geology with a focus on hydrogeology from CSIR - National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad. Her skillset includes GIS mapping and analysis, geodatabase management, LiDAR, ArcGIS online, AutoCAD, and statistical analysis. Dr. Chatterjee's expertise in hydrochemistry and research writing, combined with her proficiency in ArcGIS, QGIS, and other GIS tools, makes her a significant asset to AGSRT. Her role includes leading Ph.D. support, academic project work, and GIS software training.

Dr. Ankita Chatterjee

GIS Trainer & Research Team

With over two decades of experience, he excels in client acquisition, operational management, and human resources. His ability to grasp AGSRT's GIS technology, despite his diverse background, demonstrates his adaptability and keen understanding of the industry. Vijay's exceptional skills in deal negotiation and closure, coupled with his innovative marketing strategies, have significantly expanded AGSRT's business opportunities and client base, underlining his invaluable contribution to the company's success.

Vijay V

Business Head & HR

Holding a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Management from Bharathidasan University, his education complements his GIS knowledge, making him an effective bridge between technical and business development roles. His experience includes operating QGIS during his post-graduation and working on a project predicting vehicular emission hotspots using spatial modeling. Sanjay's blend of environmental science background and GIS expertise, along with his passion for technical marketing, makes him a significant asset to AGSRT.

Sanjay S Kumar

Educational Partnerships Executive

Gokul's enthusiasm for GIS, remote sensing, geoscience, and hydrogeology is palpable in his work. He possesses a comprehensive skill set, encompassing essential tools such as ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, QGIS, MapInfo, Global Mapper, the Microsoft Office suite, and a solid foundation in basic Python and SQL..

Driven by his unwavering commitment to the GIS community, Gokul has chosen the path of a GIS Trainer at AGSRT. His mission is to share his wealth of knowledge with aspiring GIS professionals, reaching out to a wide audience and providing them with a profound understanding of GIS concepts. Gokul's expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset to AGSRT's mission of empowering individuals with geospatial intelligence. Join us in embracing the GIS journey with Gokul, where knowledge transforms into practical skills and innovation.

Gokul GK

Training Manager & Geospatial Analyst

His skills include ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI, Erdas, Python (ArcPy), and R language for machine learning. Ajmal's background includes an Integrated M.Tech in Geological Technology & Geoinformatics from Bharathidasan University and internships at prestigious institutes like IIRS and NIDM. His projects and publications in geoscience, combined with skills in spatial data analysis, digital mapping, and image processing, make him well-suited for multi-tasking roles. Ajmal's involvement in 3D mapping projects, where he explored CityEngine and BIM-GIS integration, and leading 3D digitization work using ArcGIS Pro, highlights his adaptability and eagerness to embrace new challenges.


GeoSpatial Technology Specialist

Awards and Recognitions

Quality Management Systems

Certified Company

We are
ISO 9001 : 2015


About MPPL

We are thrilled to unveil Manchitra Prajna Pvt Ltd, a pioneering extension of Avakaza Geoscience Research Technologies. This new entity amplifies our commitment to advancing geospatial research and solutions.

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