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Utility Network Management (UNM)

This training covers utility network management fundamentals, structure, and configuration, emphasizing creation, management, and analysis of utility networks. It includes sections on network attributes, categories, rules, terminal, and subnetwork management, with advanced topics on network analysis, diagrams, administration tools, REST APIs, and version management. 

After completion you'll be familiar with:

  • ArcGIS Utility Network

  • ArcGIS Enterprise

  • ArcGIS Pro

Online mode with customized class timings

Doubt clearing sessions with personalized assistance

Trainers with 5+ years of hands-on experience

Duration- 60 Days/180Hrs.

Monday-Friday (2Hrs. / day)

Training Overview

  • Utility network concepts

  • Create and configure a utility network

  • Configure the utility network

  • Network attributes, categories, & Rules

  • Terminal Configurations

  • Subnetwork management

  • Manage the Network Topology

  • Terminal & Subnetwork Management

  • Utility Network Restrictions and Rules

  • Connectivity and Associations

  • Analyze utility networks

  • Utility network diagrams & tools

  • Configuration & layout toolset

  • Utility Network REST APIs


Tools And Exercises




Basic Containers


Expand Containers

Expand Containers

Collapsed Containers

Collapse Containers

Creating Network Diagram

Creating Network Diagram

Training Module

Edit The Utility Network

Subnetwork Management

Utility Network Diagrams

  • About Network Diagrams

Utility Network Tools

(An overview of the Utility Network Toolbox)

Advanced Topics

Utility Network REST APIs

(An overview of the Utility Network Services)


  • Basic Knowledge of ArcGIS Pro.

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