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Spatial Analytics on Modern Crime

Cyber Intrusions and Attacks have increased dramatically over the last decade, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical operations, and imposing high costs on the economy. As per National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen (Dr) Rajesh Pant, Cybercrimes in India caused Rs 1.25 lakh crore loss in 2019 and such cyber threats will continue to rise as the country starts developing smart cities and rolling out 5G network, among other initiatives.

The study aims to predict a growth in the number of cybercrime cases across India in the year 2020 based on historical data from 2016-19 using Spatio-temporal maps to visualize and further analyze the significant changes.

Predictive Model was used for modeling the status of the cybercrime statistics of 2020, and later validated using the data available in

With the rise in the number of crimes, for law enforcement agencies, geographic information system continues to prove their efficacy to improve crime analytics, and better protect mankind in future. Cybercrime is indeed a modern problem that requires modern and smart solutions - Geospatial Methods

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