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What can GIS answer?

In continuation with the previous post "What is GIS?"

Let's start with the basic answer that we all know.

1. Where?

GIS answers by locating geographic places or objects. For instance, you can search for towns by its name, or the nearest ATM or Food court based on your location. The results of such queries are returned as coordinates, shown on a map, and used as input for a further requirement.

But this, a local pedestrian or auto driver will be familiar and they might help you in this regard. You could probably know the answer to such questions on your own or with anyone's help, but GIS excels in multi-criteria decision analysis. For example, it can come up with your perfect holiday (currently we all miss vacation in this COVID) by finding destinations that have good weather, natural beauty, and entertainment for the kids at an affordable cost.

As per the current circumstances, it can highlight the places that suffers maximum from Covid-19, deaths, and also vaccine avaliability based on every pincode.

This locational-based information that answers "Where?" can be used for security purposes too. "Nirbhaya" app is a GIS-based product in India that is designed to enhance the safety of women

Soon with the answer for "WHAT?"

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