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New member: Mobile Geodatabase

ArcGIS Pro users have the advantage of using Mobile geodatabases and expose the geodatabase functionality with data using domains, subtypes, and relationship classes. Mobile geodatabase; functionality includes contingent values, relationship classes, editor tracking, and attachments.

Other abilities are listed below:

  • A simple geodatabase solution for all users.

  • Ability to create (point, multipoint, line geometries, polygons, and true curves), display, and query GIS data.

  • A portable geodatabase that works across operating systems.

  • An efficient data structure that is optimized for performance and reduced cost, complexity, and administration.

Mobile geodatabases are designed to be edited by a single user and do not support other types of geodatabase versioning.

A mobile geodatabase is built on SQLite. SQLite is a self-contained database file format that stores the entire database in a single file on a disk. This single file can hold up to 2 TB of data, is easily portable, is supported across platforms, and can be emailed or written to a USB device to facilitate more efficient data exchange.

Further, you can use SQL in third-party software to access the contents of a mobile geodatabase. Accessing the data in a mobile geodatabase via SQL does not require a license

Facts about Mobile Geodatabase:

  • Size: can't exceed 2 TB database

  • Number of feature classes and tables: 2,147,483,647

  • Number of fields in a feature class or table: 2,000

  • Number of rows in a feature class or table: 2,147,483,647

  • Name length: Depends upon the operating system

  • Feature class or table name length: 128 characters

  • Field name length: 128 characters

  • Text field width: 1,000,000,000 bytes

  • The database names called main and temp are reserved SQLite database names.

For example, if using a Windows operating system, the name of the mobile geodatabase will be, C:\GIS_Data\Projects\Mobile_Geodatabase\AGSRT_Project.geodatabase

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