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How to crack GATE Exam?

Know the subject of the exam:

The preparation for any exam starts with the basic and important point, "exam syllabus".

GATE is a national-level exam that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. GATE is an online objective exam that tests and examines your concepts. Thus, it requires good command over your branch subjects. While every branch has almost more than 10 subjects, it is necessary that you know about your core subjects.

Total questions: 65 (General Aptitude, Technical )

Total marks: 100

Time Duration: 3hrs

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A book can clear GATE:

Being a concept-based exam, just one book will suffice your preparation as more books will require more time and can also lead to more confusion and stress. So fix one book, and make sure to make notes from the book to make revisions. A much easier strategy is to buy study material from coaching institutes for GATE. Supplement it with one book which can be used to clear any doubts you encounter. AGSRT even opts for postal services of the subjective materials.

Off-hours Coaching

AGSRT has weekend and off-hours coaching batches specially designed for working professionals, so joining one will be a helping hand in your preparation. The coaching has experienced faculty who along with clearing your concepts, helps you in getting back on track with your subjects. We along with teaching also provides study material, practice sessions, and continuous assessment tests.

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