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GATE 2022 - Image Enhancement

Image enhancement refers to accentuation, or sharpening, of image features such as edges, boundaries, or contrast to make a graphic display more useful for display and analysis. The enhancement process does not increase the inherent information content in the data. But it does increase the dynamic range of the chosen features so that they can be detected easily. Image enhancement includes gray level and contrast manipulation, noise reduction, edge crispening and sharpening, filtering, interpolation and magnification, pseudo coloring, and so on. The greatest difficulty in image enhancement is quantifying the criterion for enhancement. Therefore, a large number of image enhancement techniques are empirical and require interactive procedures to obtain satisfactory results. However, image enhancement remains a very important topic because of its usefulness in virtually all image processing applications.

Source: Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing (Author of the book: Anil K Jain)

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