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Chronological Episode1.1: - The Hotspot zones of Trichy based on LST using Mesh Analysis

Hotspot analysis is a spatial analysis and mapping technique interested in the identification of clustering of spatial phenomena. These spatial phenomena are depicted as points in a map and refer to locations of events or objects.

The urban thermal field variance index (UTFVI) is widely used to describe the UHI effect (Tomlinson, Chapman, Thornes, & Baker, 2011). The concentration of UTFVI is more in the urban areas due to human activities and substantially warmer than its surroundings neighboring rural areas (Wang, Zhang, Tsou, & Li, 2017).

But here UTFVI showed a high UHI effect in all urban areas but the reality wasn't the same. That's why mesh analysis was used for finding out the hotspot of UHI based on the past to current LST-Urban status. Based on LST (2018 -2020) the fishnet was created and the tagline from high to low hotspots was marked

Soon with the ....

Chronological Episode1.2: - Modelling the Hotspots at Local Scale where 5 regions/streets will be modeled, rapped with LST for each building

Map Credits: Mira Shivani Sankar

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