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Benefit of Choosing GIS as your Career.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

You are new to GIS? I am here to discuss about Why to choose GIS as a Career?

GIS also known as Geographical Information Science/System. Well, we better call it as a combination of Science and Technology.

What is GIS?

Geographical is based on location of spatial feature on the face of the earth and its relation to other objects/features around it.

Information is purely the descriptive or statistical data that belongs to one particular area which we choose to study and the objects within that area/region.

System is the hardware & software (based on the GI Science) that is used to display, process, query, and analyze spatial data.(Eg: ENVI, ERDAS, ArcGIS, and QGIS)

Important component of GIS are Data, People, Hardware, Software, Spatial Methods. Now-a-days GIS is predominantly being used by majority of countries in the field of Defense, Public sector, and Private sector. GIS has the capability of Predicting Natural Calamity and also to simulate scenarios. These days in India it is playing a major role in Smart City Planning and Development. In India we believe GIS industry is in the infancy stage and has potential to adopt in major area, This can be achieved, as education sector adopts the GI Science in its main curriculum and trains their student to cater the needs of public and private demands. Private institutions are emerging and is playing an important role training candidates based on current market demands. Choosing GIS as your career will benefit in a lot of way because of its diverse applicability.

1. Life long learning and growth

2. GIS is in the infancy stage in lot of countries.

3. As you upgrade your skills in GIS you get better job opportunities and pay.

4. Individual can choose varied types of job which they like in GIS. (jobs like Field Work(Survey & Investigation), GIS Analyst, GIS Engineers, GIS Specialist, R&D, Web/App Development, Database Administrator, Server Administrator and many more.

Any Graduate, Diploma candidates or those who already working and feel the need to change their field can opt for GIS as their future career path.

AGSRT provides professional training with opportunity to work in real life projects. We also provide placement assistance to candidates, till date we have achieved 100% placement. Very soon we will be offering internship to student to work on live projects under experts and gain valuable experience.

For more information please visit below mentioned link:

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