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Role of GIS in Women Safety and Crime Mapping:

Using GIS, one can create a map that can identify where the crimes are occurring and clarify what crimes are or are not related based on research. This can allow investigators to target their efforts and line officers to patrol and respond to locations while being more fully aware.

GIS, while leveraging the existing infrastructures such as telecom networks, mapping services, location-based services, etc. could be benefitted to every citizen of this country in the following ways:

  • General information about the law enforcement services for an area based upon the user entering a specific address;

  • Providing crime information about a specific area based upon criteria defined by the user, along with the country-wide crime statistics and information;

  • Increase safety measures using an interactive user-driven website, mobile apps, etc. would allow citizens, especially women as well as the law enforcement department to be more informed about crime in a particular area. It would also allow the public to be more aware of what is being done to address crime and other issues;

  • Generate mass awareness through an interactive user-driven website etc. could spark public support and activity to resolve issues or, problems;

  • Improve the efficiency of the entire law enforcement department(s) at the national level.

Map Credits: Aqil Zaman Chowdhury

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