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Avakaza geoscience Research technologies

Welcome to AGSRT, the number one source for all GIS (Geographical Information System) Solutions.

Avakaza Geoscience Research Technologies offers professional training services to help you discover, explore, and develop your expertise in the geosciences. Our experienced trainers are equipped with cutting-edge resources and technology to ensure that you gain the highest quality education and training in the industry.

Our objective at AGSRT is simple - to provide our clients with the highest quality GIS services available. Whether it's research and development, professional training, or consultation services, we always strive to deliver custom solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. Our map services and corporate training are also designed with our clients in mind. We believe in delivering quality results that help our clients succeed in their respective fields. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your GIS needs.


What we Offer 

GIS Software & Application Training

Earth and Space

What we Can Train 

Certificate GIS Software & Application Training - Bangalore / Thiruvananthapuram

GIS Desktop Courses

GIS & RS for Beginners

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Duration - 30 Days ArcGIS & QGIS


Master in GIS Desktop Software

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Duration - 2 Months ArcGIS & QGIS

Geospatial Analysis

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Duration - 3 Months ArcGIS, QGIS, Lidar & ArcGIS Online

Master in Geospatial 

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ArcGIS, QGIS, Python, ArcPy - 6 Months Course

GIS Courses with ArcGIS Pro.


Basic ArcGIS Pro

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ArcGIS Pro Basic - 45 Days Course


ArcGIS Pro Foundation

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ArcGIS ESRI Technical Certification Course

GIS Programming Courses


GIS Desktop & ArcPy

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ArcGIS - Basic & Advance GIS, with Python & ArcPY


Python with ArcPY

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Python Programming & ArcPY 45 Days Course


ArcGIS for Javascript API

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ArcGIS for JavaScript API/WebApp Builder

What our Students Say

Anilraj Mahadevan - Student - Python & ArcPY

Just recently I came to know The Avakaza is a GIS institution providing core objectives of GIS and its Application and developments. I got a chance to discuss one of the management Mr. Vijay is high visionary man who is giving all the details about the services what they are provide without any hesitation or hiding. Then I decided to enroll a course PHYTHON with ArcPy. Again my doubts was about the faculty’s. Ms. Rose, she is a faculty of my course and after the second session I came to know that she is very deep rooted and Master in programming.

Her way of teaching is very simple and easily understandable those who doesn’t have IT background or even less experience in the software field. I found the best quality in her she is treating everyone in equal manner. So finally I recommend those who are want excel in his/ her profession for career improvement Avakaza is a the best option without rethinking.

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