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Welcome to AGSRT, the number one source for all GIS (Geographical Information System) Solutions.

The vision was dreamt by Midhun Sathyan in the mid of 2019.AGSRT has come a long way from its beginnings as a victorious start-up to a recognized organization. His passion for GIS & his team's unwavering determination, paved the way forward, propelling us to sky height, at which we are now.

Our mantra is to spread the influence of GIS across varied fields, with foci in geological, Environmental Remote Sensing, Structural and Foundation RS, Geo-Informatics and GIS Development. Thereby ensuring the best services & guidance to our clients.

Earth and Space


What we Offer 

GIS Software & Application Training

Earth and Space


What we Can Train 

Certificate GIS Software & Application Training - Bangalore /