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It is Sunday, and let's test how much you know about GIS and Remote Sensing from our recent blogs.

1) What is the full form of GIS?

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Geographic Information Science

  • All of the above

2) The world's first satellite dedicated to monitoring Green House Gases (GHS) in the atmosphere is built by

  • United States of America

  • Japan

  • China

3) The only method to acquire data about the surface composition of unreachable locations

  • GIS

  • Remote Sensing

  • Satellite

4) The first computerized GIS

  • Canada Geographic Information System

  • American Geographic Information System

  • Soviet Geographic Information System

5) The first earth-observing satellite exclusively designed to study planet Earth is


  • Landsat 1


All right. The answers are given below. Have a nice day and see you next Sunday!

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