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Land Surface Temperature (LST) is the radiating skin temperature of the land derived from solar radiation. For a satellite, the “surface” is what it sees through the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus it plays an important role in the exchange of heat energy between the atmosphere and surface.

Trichy, the rain shade region of Tamilnadu, faces extreme heat, most of the months. Rewarded as the 10th city for" Ease of living", faces an average temperature of 34 degrees celsius in a year.

Below pieces of evidence, proves the scenario changed during the lockdown.

The pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has put a restriction on peoples’ everyday life. Air pollution has a significant effect on surface temperature. An increase in air pollution causes extreme heat, resulting in rising in LST. Due to the unprecedented situation, the air pollution has decreased, thus eventually declined the LST of the city on one of the peak hottest months (April) of the year.

Soon with the .... Chronological Episode1.1: - The Hotspot zones of Trichy based on LST using Mesh Analysis #AGSRT #LST #applications #suburbanliving #remotesensing #covid19pandemic Map Credits: Mira Shivani Sankar

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