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Know about GATE 2022 (Geomatics Engineering)

Geomatics is the "discipline concerned with the collection, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, presentation of geographic data or geographic information". Also, it "consists of products, services, and tools involved in the collecting, integrating and managing of geographic data". It includes geomatics engineering: geodesy and geoinformatics engineering, formerly known as surveying engineering and is related to geospatial science. Overall it's a technology that combines design, computation, and measurement skills in fieldwork, lab, and modeling to solve the live locational based problems

Currently, the demand for Geomatics has been very high not only in the country but also abroad.

The possible positions/recruitments are GIS engineer, Geospatial engineer, Geomatics analyst, Geodetic engineer, geospatial software developer, Map specialist, survey engineer, Remote Sensing Analyst, Spatial architect, research associate, Professional land surveyor, photogrammetric engineer, spatial system engineer, and many more.

80% of local government has seats and needs a geospatial engineer.

Other potential fields are information management, land management system, aerospace, land development, urban planning, defense (contractors and organization), construction, mining and digging, consulting firms, geo business, mapping firm, NGO services, Land and Ocean Mapping, Oil and Gas, Precision Agriculture & Forestry, environment & ecology management, Geodesy & GPS, Public administration and work safety, remote seeing, resource management & extraction, Utility companies, vehicle, and pedestrian Navigation, UAV mapping, and Research & development

There is high demand for Geomatics Engineers in small to medium enterprises or large multinational firms with global opportunities such as Apple, Google, Trimble, Microsoft, Eagle, Here Maps, Shell, ESRI, Atlalink, etc. However, government agencies (ISRO, NRSC, DRDO, etc), universities, and colleges have a high focus on geospatial engineers.

Generally, Geomatics may require training, education, and certification. But now "GATE 2022" (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) gives a new doorway to geospatial engineers.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science for admission into the Master's Program and Job in Public Sector Companies

AGSRT (Avakaza Geoscience Research and Training) has an experienced panel that trains candidates for various certifications related to spatial sciences and is now soon to launch the coaching of GATE 2022 (GE paper).

If you find your career in Geomatics/ Geospatial sciences then "JOIN US"

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