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Geomatics in GATE 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The step from undergraduate to master's course is a ladder towards specialization. Students who want to pursue a degree in Remote Sensing (RS) and Spatial Informatics (SI) did not have the option of appearing in a specialized GATE paper. Such students opted for Geology/Geophysics and consequently, could not score well. The inclusion of Geomatics engineering would improve enrolment in RS and SI at all levels and open the door for students.

The subject includes topics on topography, land surveying and measurements, digital image processing, data acquisition, data processing, and applications related to Earth information, and mapmaking.

However, advanced concepts like photogrammetry, LIDAR, GPS, remote sensing, and GIS are some well-known applications of geomatics. Currently, these topics are in demand at the education level and perception of the field.

From conventional civil engineering, geomatics developed itself into a new discipline providing a new career leap to industry, students, and researchers. The inclusion of geomatics in GATE will not only strengthen the government sector (e.g. NRSC, ISRO, DRDO, Meteorology Dept, Defence, etc) but will also provide opportunities to students with distinct knowledge for many areas that are important for society.

Moreover, GATE scores are also accepted by several foreign universities, and graduates of these domains will have better career opportunities at their disposal.

AGSRT starts the coaching for the preparation of Geomatics Engineering (GATE 2022) on 1st September 2021 (offline mode). For more details visit:


"GATE 2022"

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