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GATE 2022 GE Question of the day: 27/08/2021

There are two Survey of India 1:50,000 toposheets with 15' X 15' angular coverage, one from Maharashtra and another from Madhya Pradesh. Which of the following statement is true? (Considering both states have equivalent square km area)

(a) Both the toposheets will cover exactly the same size of the area

(b) The toposheet from Maharashtra will cover a larger area than that of the MP

(c) The toposheet from MP will cover a larger area than that of Maharashtra

(d) Projection will affect the size of area coverage

When you are right you succeed and when you are wrong you learn. so feel free to comment on the answer. As either, it's a practice or it's a learning element. AGSRT is with you for both.


The answer to the 26th Aug 2021 question is

(A) A vertical cliff

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