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For planetary exploration, remote sensing is the only method to acquire data about the surface composition of unreachable locations. The compositional information plays a vital role to get to knowing the origin and evolution of planetary bodies. Remote sensing plays a key role to figure out the ideal landing sites and future resources for humans. Through spectroscopy and color photometry we can get a detailed view of the planetary surface. We can use remote sensing to monitor gases in the atmosphere, pollution in the atmosphere, or pollutants on the surface. We can compare all the remote sensing studies on earth and apply them to Mars and other planets to get a thorough vision of them. Remote sensing is an unimaginably powerful tool that helps us to understand, huge complicated systems on planets. Looking out to the future, remote sensing will surely turn into a massive part of how we see our own planet earth and how we map distant worlds.

Some of the remote sensing methods are listed in the below table:-


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