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Faculty Development Program.
FDP Level 1 - GIS & RS (Basic) - ArcGIS

Faculty Development Program - FDP - GIS & RS with ArcGIS

  • We have programs to help the faculty update their knowledge in GIS and get themselves familiarized with the advances in the field. Our FDP programs will also help the faculty in guiding their students in GIS and its application.

    About the Program:

  • FDP on GIS Desktop intended to give rigorous training on concepts for faculty, Scientists, Scholars. and Engineers who are extensively working in the field of geospatial technologies.

  • The Five days program will deal with basic GIS Desktop concepts, programming methodologies and application of GIS Desktop to different domains.

  • Software Trained - ArcGIS
    E-Certificate will be issued post completion of Training.


First Batch Starts on 2 November - Training slot - 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm only.

Total Seats available - 25 Seats

Faculties should send us a mail from there official College or university Email ids. Or the college can send us the invite.

This Program is only for faculties and Teachers and not for college or school students.
Phd Scholars and researches can also attend this class.

Faculty Development Program - FDP 1 - GIS

1. Introduction to GIS

What is GIS?

What can you do with GIS?

What is Remote Sensing?

Think of ways to apply GIS

What is Spatial Data Model (Vector and Raster)

Overview of  UI Interface of ArcGIS 

2. Georeferencing

Map Projection and Transformations

Map Scales


3. Digitization and Map Layout

Creating Vector Files and Data Collection

Symbology & Labelling

Introduction to Symbolization.

Making a map with labels

4. Introduction to Remote sensing

Basic Remote Sensing

Stages of Remote sensing

Future and development of remote sensing.

5. Working on Satellite Images

Downloading Satellite images

Basic Geoprocessing tools on Rasters (Extract, Composite band and Mosaic)

Mode of Training

  1. Total Duration - 5 Days / 2 Hrs Daily, Monday to Friday.

  2. Online Training Sessions (Daily 2 hours ) (Timing - 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm. Only 2 slots available and Faculty has to select one time slot)

  3. Dedicated Trainer, Practical sessions. 

  4. If Classes are missed, then Class recordings will be shared for Online Sessions.

  5. Daily 2 Hrs (Need to have a laptop or Computer with Good Internet) 

  6. Live Training with Experienced Trainer

Who Can Attend the Training

  • College Faculties, Scientist, Assistant professors or HOD's

  • School Teachers

  • Phd Scholars and Researcher's

What you Get from this Training

  • Live Training with Experienced Trainers.

  • Trainers have 4 Yrs to 16 Yrs Experience.

  • Practical Based Training

  • Labs for Practice, Assignments & Final Assessment for Certification

For Registration, Contact us at  :

  • For Registration Process

  • Call Or Whatsapp - Mobile Number : +91 9980083996 / +91 +91 8921038671.

  • Group Faculty Discounts available. Join with Your Collegues

  • Best Discounts available if College invites us to conduct Seminars and Program at college or Online.

For Fees & Discounts - For Indian Students only(Available only for Indians now)

  • Batch Starts on November 2nd

  • Last date of registration and Payment - October 30th.

  • Time Slot - 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm

  • Batch Strength - 25 Members only.

For Fees and Registration process, Please call or whatsapp on +91 9980083996 or +91 8921038671.
Faculty member or PHD Scholar or Researcher need to send self nomination mail from College or University Office Email id to


Faculties joining in group from same college will get extra discount 

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