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Geospatial Analysis Basics in EOFactory using Artificial Intelligence.


AGSRT & EOfactory Combined Training Programs

Avakaza Geoscience Research Technologies, and EOFactory Training Partnership.

We are proud to announce our strategic educational partnership with EOFactory. We look forward to create training programmes with EOFactory through this partnership by imparting students our expertise in remote sensing in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Geospatial Analysis Basics in EOfactory using Artificial Intelligence.

EOfactory is a cutting-edge AI/ML platform that leverages imagery data to provide analytics and intelligence to help organizations increase revenue and make informed business operations decisions. 

Our ease of use platform would be a perfect opportunity for students and researchers to learn more about earth observation science through machine learning and its simple and intuitive workflows. EOfactory’s features include inbuilt pre-processing toolkits, data upload and download options, library of pretrained AI based models and interactive AI to build custom algorithms without the need of prior coding experience for many different industries.


EOfactory aims to combine GIS, AI/ML, business intelligence  together in one platform and believe that it will be an exceptional starting point for students and researchers to learn more about the applications of machine learning on remotely sensed data on cloud.

AvaKaza Geoscience Research Technologies (AGSRT)  is a training institution that provides remote sensing and GIS training programs. They have been providing training sessions since 2019 and have come a long way from its beginnings as a victorious start-up to a now, well-recognized organization. AGSRT’s passionate trainers’ unwavering determination paved the way forward and pushed them to where they are today. 
AGSRT aims to spread the influence of GIS across various fields while ensuring the best services and guidance to their clients.
Through this collaboration, AvaKaza Geoscience and EOfactory hopes to prepare the future generation of GIS and remote sensing students to fully utilize the technology that is readily available in the market. 

Machine learning in the Geospatial analytics sector
Asking someone to make decisions based on huge amounts of real-time, diverse and complex datasets is no longer an option. The growth of AI/ML tools will enable greater insight than ever before so in the future we will see AI/ML applications moving organizations from situational awareness, to decision support, to highly automated decision-making. Initially, this will be far more prevalent for high volume, low risk & mundane tasks where immediate cost savings can be made.

Course Content

Day 1 - Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
Significance of Remote Sensing in real world applications and industries
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Types of resolutions in remote sensing
Introduction to multi-spectral imageries and their advantages

Day 2 - Introduction to EOfactory Platform

Introduction to EOfactory Platform and Ecosystem
Satellite data acquisition with EOfactory

Understanding Satellite Image Visualization and Metadata

Day 3/4 - Satellite Image Processing in EOfactory

Introduction to Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

ARD Workflow for Calculating Deforestation
ARD Workflow for Burned Area Analysis

Day 5 - Working With Vector Data in EOfactory

Introduction to EOfactory Map View and Vector Toolkit

Land Suitability Analysis with EOfactory Vector Toolkit

Day 6 - Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Geospatial Analysis

Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Imagery

Demo on EOfactory pre-trained Detection Models

Day 7/8/9/10 - Publishing Information for Business Intelligence with Live-Dashboards

Introduction to Live Dashboards for Business Intelligence

Introduction to EOF Studio Platform and Ecosystem

Maps & Charts Creation with EOF Studio

Building Interactive Dashboard for Land Cover Mapping

Building Interactive Dashboard for Change Detection

Mode of Training

1. Online Training Sessions (Daily 2 hours )
2. Live Training Session with Experienced Trainer.
3. Daily 2 Hrs (Need to have a laptop or Computer with Good Internet)
4. Dedicated Trainer, Practical sessions. 

Features of the Program 

  • Our Platform provides readily available classified toolkits for raster & vector data processing.

  • Learn to use interactive  AI tools for information extraction and custom dashboard creation.

  • Access to advanced AI/ML Models based for feature detection with no coding experience required.

Program Eligibility

Post Graduates
Students in GIS Domain
GIS Experienced

For Fees & Details, Contact us at  :

  • For Fees and Registration Process

  • Call Or Whatsapp - Mobile Number : +91 9980083996 / +91 97423 49602

  • Group students Discounts available. Join with Your Friends.

  • Best Discounts available if College invites us to conduct Seminars and Program at college or Online.

  • Corporate Training Program will have discount from the original Fees

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