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Advanced Geospatial Analysis with AI & Machine Learning



4 Weeks


About the Course

This in-depth course offers a fusion of machine learning (ML) concepts and geospatial analysis techniques, tailored for professionals looking to harness the power of AI in interpreting and managing spatial data. From the basics of machine learning to advanced applications in geospatial science, participants will explore key algorithms, data preprocessing methods, model training and classification, and data visualization. Special focus is given to real-world applications, including landslide susceptibility mapping and PM10 concentration analysis, providing hands-on experience with spatial data gathering, cleaning, and analysis using leading libraries like GeoPandas and GDAL. Whether you're aiming to solve environmental challenges or enhance urban planning processes, this course will transform your approach to geospatial data analysis with AI & ML.

Your Instructor

Ajmal & Amreesh

Ajmal & Amreesh

Ajmal, an alumnus and now a GIS Analyst and Trainer at Avakaza Geoscience Research Technologies, has a solid foundation in GIS technologies.

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