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ArcGIS Pro Foundation
ESRI Technical Certification ArcGIS Pro Foundation

Online Classes - ArcGIS Pro Foundation

  • ArcGIS  Pro Foundation Course. 
    ESRI Technical Certification ArcGIS Pro Foundation.

  • After the Course you will be Familiar with.

    • ArcGIS Pro​

    • ArcGIS Online

    • Survey 123 App

    • Workforce App​​

    • Collector for ArcGIS App

  • You will Learn

    • Data Management​

    • Data Manipulation

    • Visualization & Sharing

    • Analysis & GeoProcessing

    • Web Maps & Web Scenes

    • Feature Layers

    • Webapp Builder

NOTE - Candidates Completing this Course are eligible to take "ESRI ArcGIS Pro Foundation 2101 Certification". Certificate Assistance will be Provided upon Registration. Certification Fees need to be paid directly to ESRI. 

  • Online & Offline - Both Mode Available.

  • Offline Classes at Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram

  • 2 Hrs. Monday to Friday

  • Join in Group of 5 Members, and get huge discount from the normal fees.

  • Fill the enquiry Form for Registration and Fees Details - 

Course Topics

  • ​Introduction to GIS Using ArcGIS

  • Creating and Editing Data with ArcGIS Pro

  • Field Data Collection 

  • Managing Geospatial Data in ArcGIS

  • Creating Maps and Visualization using ArcGIS

  • Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

  • Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro 

  • Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS

  • Configuring Web Apps Using Web App Builder for ArcGIS

  • Management Using ArcGIS

Course Content - ArcGIS Pro Foundation

Introduction to GIS

Introduction to GIS (Theory)
General introduction of ArcGIS Pro Framework

Introduction to Datum / Projection - Part 1

Introduction to Datum / Projection - Part 2

Workflow of the entire course, Getting started with ArcGIS Pro

Sharing resources

Test for Module 1 with feedback session

Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Editing Feature & attributes - Part 1

Editing Feature & attributes - Part 2

Editing Feature & attributes - Part 3

Display raster data, Working with 3D data, performing automation

Test for Module 2 with feedback session

Managing Geospatial Data in ArcGIS

Geodatabase - Introduction

Improving data integrity, Designing geodatabase topologies

Associate non - geographic data with geographic data, managing raster data

Migrating to an geodatabase

Working with enterprise geodatabase, Editing workflow in a geodatabase

Test for Module 3 with feedback session

Test for Module 3 with feedback session

Creating & Editing data in ArcGIS Pro

Creating 2D features, Modifying 2D features - Part 1

Creating 2D features, Modifying 2D features - Part 2

Maintaining spatial integrity, editing annotation

Creating & modifying 3D features

Test for Module 4 with feedback session

Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGIS

Introduction to designing maps & visualizations, Symbolizing data, working with map text

Print map layout

Design consideration for web maps and publishing web maps

Creating 3D scenes & Visualizing data using charts

Test for Module 5 with feedback session

Field Data Collection and Management Using ArcGIS

Preparing for ArcGIS field apps, Preparing feature layer for field apps

Creating web fields for field apps, Updating feature layers with ArcGIS field maps

Managing fieldwork with ArcGIS Workspace

Creating smart forms with ArcSmart123, Updating a feature layer with ArcGIS quick capture,  ArcGIS Dashboard

Test for Module 6 with feedback session

Configuring Web Apps Using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

WebApp Builder, Applying theme to WebApps

Configuring widgets in Web apps, Building 3D Web App

Test for Module 7 with feedback session

Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS

Sharing with WebGIS & ArcGIS Pro

Sharing user managed content, Sharing Packages, Sharing custom analysis, sharing imagery

Analysis in the ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, Optimizing map display through caching, Using Web apps & Presentations

Test for Module 8 with feedback session

Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro
Introduction to Spatial Analysis

Building a foundation for Spatial Analysis

Planning and Preparing for Spatial Analysis

Proximity analysis

Proximity analysis - Practical's

Overlay analysis

Overlay analysis - Practical's

Test - 1 for Module 9 (Theory)

Test - 1 for Module 9 (Practical's)with feedback session

Automating spatial analysis

Automating spatial analysis - Practical's

Creating surfaces using Interpolation

Creating surfaces using Interpolation - Practical's

Suitability Modelling

Suitability Modelling - Practical's

Space - time analysis

Space - time analysis Practical's

Test - 2 for Module 9 (Theory)

Test - 2 for Module 9 (Practical's)with feedback session

Spatial statistics

Spatial statistics - Practical's

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis - Practical's

Geographically Weighted Regression

Geographically Weighted Regression - Practical's

Geostatistical Interpolation

Geostatistical Interpolation - Practical's

3D Analysis

3D Analysis - Practical's

Test - 3 for Module 9 (Theory)

Test - 3 for Module 9 (Practical's)with feedback session

THEORY: Mock Test 1 (Module 1 to 5) with feedback session

THEORY: Mock Test 2 (Module 6 to 9) with feedback session

Final Masterclass for Certification Preparation

Mode of Training

  1. Total Duration - 60 Days / 120 Hrs, Monday to Friday.

  2. Online Training Sessions (Daily 2 hours ) 

  3. Live Training Session - Daily 2 hrs Classes, with Trainer(Google Meet or Microsoft Team)

  4. Dedicated Trainer, Practical sessions. 

  5. If Classes are missed, then Class recordings will be shared for Online Sessions.

  6. Daily 2 Hrs (Need to have a laptop or Computer with Good Internet) 

  7. Live Training with dedicated Trainer

Who Can Attend the Training

  • Graduates, Post Graduates.

  • PhD Scholars.

  • Faculties.

  • Students who want to Get back to Work – GIS Domain.

  • GIS Experienced.

  • Corporate Employees & Companies

What you Get from this Training

  • Live Training with Experienced Trainers.

  • Trainers have 4 Yrs to 16 Yrs Experience.

  • Placement Assistance Training.

  • Guidance to Get Job

  • Labs for Practice, Assignments & Final Assessment for Certification

  • Internship and Live Project Assistance

For Fees & Registration, Contact us at  :

  • For Registration Process & Fees Details

  • Call Or Whatsapp - Mobile Number : +91 9742349602

  • Fees can be paid using Bank Transfers, or Credit Card

  • Group students Discounts available. Join with Your Friends.

  • Best Discounts available if College invites us to conduct Seminars and Program at college or Online.

  • Corporate Training Program will have discount from the original Fees

Batch Details

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