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Utility Billing Engine

About the Project

Onvergent rating engine is an important aspect of your business especially when it comes to charging XDRs (CDRs, UDRs and EDRs) that originated from multiple systems. Tracking all XDRs, applying the business logic based on complex rules available in the product catalog, arriving at the correct rates, and even tracking revenue leakage is highly critical for a service provider from a revenue assurance point of view.

A Magnaquest product has a Convergent Rating Engine, which can perform the collection of XDRs in multiple formats, apply rates as per the configured business rules and arrive at a charge for the usage line items.

Cloud Computing businesses are highly dynamic that involve complex and multi-level transactions. Some applications have simplistic scenarios of a one-time sale, while others have usage-based charges and others are recurring in nature.

This strategy and process poses risks of over-pricing a segment of customers and underpricing others. It is important to align physical usage with billing in order to prevent excessive usage. The Billing module is highly flexible to address various business models of service providers to achieve revenue acceleration, revenue assurance and improved operational efficiency.

The Billing module for Cloud handles Pricing, Metering, Rating, Charging, Taxation and Discount management

Project Advantages.

  • Billing Cycles

  • Rating

  • Discounts and Commissions

  • Taxation

  • Charges and Billing Cycles

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