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Biggest Strength of AGSRT - 
Students, Trainers, Team Member & Clients

Review and Feedback

Value the Feedback

Thank you to Each and Every Students, Trainers, Team Members & Clients - AGSRT.

It was a privilege to work with you all.

These feedback and testimonials are the reflection of the Vision of AGSRT and the hard-work put-in by Our Trainers & Team Members

Thank you again to the biggest strengths and Pillars or AGSRT

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Just recently I came to know The Avakaza is a GIS institution providing core objectives of GIS and its Application and developments. I got a chance to discuss one of the management Mr. Vijay is high visionary man who is giving all the details about the services what they are provide without any hesitation or hiding. During the discussion I feel that he is a genuine and trustworthy person. Then I decided to enroll a course PHYTHON with ArcPy. Again my doubts was about the faculty’s. But that also made more trustworthy in Avakaza. Ms. Rose, she is a faculty of my course and after the second session I came to know that she is very deep rooted and Master in programming. Her way of teaching is very simple and easily understandable those who doesn’t have IT background or even less experience in the software field. I found the best quality in her she is treating everyone in equal manner. So finally I recommend those who are want excel in his/ her profession for career improvement Avakaza is a the best option without rethinking.

Remitha Rajan - Student - Advance GIS with Remote Sensing

I am thankful to Vijay Sir for providing such a valuable training program in GIS and remote sensing and to my Trainers Salghuna Mam and Tarun Sir. They were available at any time for clearing the doubts and free to interact. The teaching methods were also good and informative.

Shefali Kundu - Student - Advance GIS with Remote Sensing

it was a wonderful experience of learning with AGSRT. Salghuna mam and Tarun sir devoted their valuable time to teach very effortlessly. Both of them were available at any time of the day, whenever I needed to discuss something. The training went very valuable and flexible.

ARYA M A - Student - Advance GIS With Remote Sening

Good Institution for any fresher in RS and GIS. I am pursuing their 3 months integrated course on QGIS, ArcGIS, LiDAR and ArcGIS Online. So far good experience with special mention on our tutor Nandana Singh.

Apoorva Shanthkumar - Advance GIS with Remote Sensing

AGSRT is a great place for people who want to build a good foundation in learning remote sensing and GIS. I thank Aman and Salghuna ma'am for teaching so well and making the concepts easy to understand. Assignments given by ma'am gave an edge to learn about real world problem solving using RS & GIS. I have gained the needed confidence to further explore the GIS world on my own.

Vidya Guru - Advance GIS with Remote Sensing

I gained so much knowledge at AGSRT and I want to thank Kailash sir, Mithun Sir, Roopa mam and salguna mam who teached very well to me . Thanking Vijay sir for giving me this opportunity to enter AGSRT. Who are all want to learn GIS ? I definitely refer AGSRT

Bhima Belahar - Student

AGRST is excellent institute..I learnt software in very Short period, software is just awesome and trainer was really good..thank you so much AGRST.


“The ball is in your court”. It’s a wonderful practical course. Dr. N. N. Salghuna Nair- Research Team Head & Senior Trainer, AGSRT an Excellent and enthusiastic instructor makes learning the Concept very simple, especially the assignment given by her made me to focus the real time problem very challenging and innovative. I really learnt many tricks in using the software. Join the course and change your withered life to revive and blossom.

Dr. Saraswathy Rajasekaran

Really an eye opening training session ! Trust me if I had known this group before completing my Phd program I could have done a better work. Learnt the concept from scratch , and my trainer Dr.NN Salghuna , Research Team - Head and Senior Trainer is one of the best teachers that I know. She is simply the best. I would recommend you to try any of their sessions and I bet you will end up learning all that they offer !!

Arabazubair Arabazubair Student

The course is very helpful for me even though I have degrees in it because it is very professional and it will make you fit for an interview and job.The instructors are really proficient in their subject .

Sujit Kumar Swain - Student - GIS Advance

Has been really really great experience and great GIS institute. I am ready to give more then 5 ratings. Probably this AGSRT, JP Nagar, Bangalore is top ratings GIS institute. The facilities here really really talented and having great experience from MNC. I am grateful to Midhun Sir and Vijay Sir for their cooperation during my training, Midhun Sir is really a genuine and friendly person I have ever meet. I am lucky that I had taken my training in AGSRT. I appeal who is reading my comments right now don't think much let's go and join at AGSRT. Now I recently got placed in a very good gis company during my training period. So there is no need of much explanation once has not yet explore to AGSRT. I wish and pray for AGSRT as a bright emerging GIS institute in India. God bless AGSRT family.

shounack mandal

“Thank you for the incredible support you have all provided. The dedication to student learning and wellbeing that has been provided at this already difficult time has been heartwarming.” AND I wanna thanks to Midhun Sir and Vijay Sir for helping me to get placed in such a lovely company.....

revathi v

i am completed certificate course in gis and remotesensing provided by avakaza institute.i have a little knowledge about it, but after completing the course i am very confident to do works related to gis. classes starts from basic informations so everyone can join and easily understand. really a special thanks to Aman and Salguna mam, they were very friendly and helps to clear all doubts. i really enjoyed the course.thank you for all

Manas P. Gohain

An excellent to build up your professional GIS skills and making connections as well because that is equally important in todays corporate sector as i have recently learnt. Midhun Sir is very helpful in mentoring new trainees and offers great support to new trainees and also to past trainees.

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