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Strom Surge Vulnerability In The Northern Parts Of Coramandal Coast

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The Storm surge is one of the major calamities for the coastal regions all over the world. The effect of a storm surge is more intensified by the ignorance of the local people in the region due to their improper land use pattern followed by them. This is because of not knowing clearly about the coming storm, its intensity, or at least the zones that would be affected during a storm. The study delineates the zones for various surge levels and deriving the Qualitative risk map from the land use map. During storms, precipitation is also another major problem not only in the path of the storm but also in the surrounding area. Overlay analysis is performed to derive a risk map. The study area is the coastal region of Cuddalore and Puducherry, the northern part of the Coromandel Coast, analyzing from 1980 to 2009.

The land-use change study is done in order to identify how the intervention of humans has resulted in natural processes. And also to understand the Urban Sprawl in a region over a period of time and other associated activities. The analysis would be helpful also in identifying Land Degradation, Deforestation, Monitoring surface water bodies, Agricultural activity, etc. . In this study, LULC used various data from various sensors, of various spatial and spectral resolutions were used. The data were classified according to the National Remote Sensing Center classification of LULC. LULC maps were created for the years 1980 (MSS), 1999 (ETM), 2009 (TM). Many sliver polygons formed due to the manual digitization and also due to the erosion and accretion of the coast. This is also clear evidence that the coast is unstable. Later the slivers were removed and features of not more than 0.5 Sq. Km was merged with the nearby units. The changes were observed and calculations were made.

The LULC features were given ranks based on their response, either affected or stable from 1 to 5 (Very Highly affected to Very Least affected).

From the inundation area, risk mapping was done. The land-use features were given ranks and were overlaid with individual surge extent up to 5 meters. In the overlay result, the full beach gets affected due to the inundation. But it is resistant to inundation as it has the ability to absorb most of the surging water as they are more porous and loose. As the inundation level increases the risk of Land Use features getting affected increases gradually. The agricultural activities are getting affected more than the other features. About 50 % of agricultural activity is getting affected by the maximum surge level.

Co-Author: N N Salghuna

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