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GIS Young Scientist Program

GIS Summer Camp

GIS Summer Camp for School Students between Age of 14 to 17 Years.


Topics covered - Course Content - GIS FOR SOCIETAL CHALLENGES

Course Content

•    What is a GIS phenomena and how to represent it.
•    Introduction to GIS.
•    Data Acquisition and preparation.
•    Attribute tables.
•    Data styling.
•    Digitizing, adding attributes, styling features.
•    Spatial analysis.
•    Building a professional map.
•    Field data collection with mobile phones and freeware

Basic GIS Topics

This is a well tested and upgraded course for hands-on GIS (Geographic Information Systems). It includes theory, supervised practical's and fieldwork based on real cases called “challenges”. It is guided by recognized teachers, some with more than 8-10 years of  international experience.

You get a ticket to an unforgettable Summer experience.

We enjoy it when you enjoy it, and at the same time, we are strongly committed to teaching and mentoring in this course as we do AGSRT. You will not come back empty handed. 


You have seen maps, how accurate they are in terms of Geographic location and thematic value. Today you do not conceive any planning,  project or adventure without some form of a map as support or guidance.


So is GIS just a map?. GIS started as software needed to build thematic maps, but nowadays it is far... far better than that. Imagine this case: Your family decided to leave the city, They want to live in a small village in the mountains. After AGSRT they think that you are the “map” expert and they challenge you: “Dear, you are the expert...


We go to the mountains, but we want our house to be best protected from possible forest fires, floods, burglary, close to some hospital and school and if possible in a location looking south, so the Sun always shines. Can you get this map for us?”. We tell you something. YOU CANNOT BUY THAT MAP.


However, we will teach you the tools to build one and to solve any spatial question you may think of.

If this is a spatial question, what is a non-spatial one? An example is “What is the cost of a house in the mountains?”. In this question, there is no geography involved at all! You get the answer from a table. You see the difference?


The spatial question is the solution to the challenge asked for your family.
Now a glance at the solution: If you have a topographic map, a forest map, a wind map, a city map, a road map and an aspect map, by combining all of them together in specialized software and using some good rules, you can predict the answer to the challenge question with a very high probability of success. This is GIS for. Now think of any other spatial question you want to solve,... anything.


That will be your challenge. We tell you, it is not much you cannot solve... This is the reason that all organizations have or operate some sort of GIS.

Special Features

15 Days Course - 10am to 4pm(Classroom and Field)

Age - 14 Years to 17 Yrs

Training Location - Golden Square, JP Nagar 1st Phase.

Fees , Registration and Admission

  • For Fees - Please Call or Whatsapp +919980083996 / +919108485512

  • Fill the Registration Form.

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