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Integrated Power Data Management System

About the Project

Meter data acquisition is critical to determining consumption and baseline data. However, as the meters can be geographically dispersed over a large area, meter communication infrastructure is a core part of this total system.


IPDMS provides MDAS with a comprehensive communication infrastructure for data acquisition from various meters. The options for the communication infrastructure are GPRS, CDMA. IPDMS provides the entire suite of products (modems, gateways, data concentrators, front-end processors, etc) for acquiring the data from various meters.


MDAS is to acquire meter data from meters within the distribution system and consumer meters for: System performance monitoring and decision support. Monitoring and collecting data of consumer energy usage, billing, CIS, tamper, outage detection and notification.


Monitoring energy flows in the energy supply chain to provide information for energy auditing. Reeling under an average AT & C losses of around 33%, it is quite impossible for power distribution sector to keep up the desired economic pace without major reforms in the Power sector, especially in Distribution.


System Integrator has been working closely in Power distribution sector to address AT & C loss reduction, bring transparency, improve customer satisfaction and increase employee productivity through right convergence of IT & Automation. Technology innovation can only benefit the sector and system integration has major role to play in empowering the power distribution utilities.


There is a huge need for specialized, customized and upgraded system solution for the power sector and System Integration Power solutions can help utilities to make a significant leap in Field Automation and reducing their Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses. The objective of Meter Data Acquisition Solution Provider is to collect meter data of DT and Consumer Meters at desired frequencies remotely and make available for DISCOM operations.

Project Advantages.

  • Meter Data Acquisition System.

  • Workforce Management System.

  • Supply Chain Management System.

  • Enforcement Management System.

  • GIS-Based Asset Survey System.

  • Customer Interaction System.
    Billing Engine.

  • GIS-based consumer indexing and asset mapping.

  • SCADA in big towns and cities.

  • Energy accounting and auditing.

  • Establishment of baseline data.

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