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AGSRT Team - Capabilities


Application of Drone Images


Capturing of geographic features from drone imagery. It can also be extended to capturing of data from scanned images and CAD files. The geographical features could be building footprint, street network, places of interest etc.

The digitized data could be used for the creation of

•Thematic Maps

•Topographical Maps

•Planning and management of assets

Remote Sensing
By the use of Multispectral and Thermal Imagery, either from drone images or satellite images, we offer the following services

  • Imagery representation and classification

  • Object oriented classification

  • Slope and aspect

  • Count Analysis

  • Land surface Temperature

  • Mock Models

  • Radiative Budgeting and Fluorescence 


Application of Drone Images

The street network data, captured via drone imagery, can be used to conduct Network Analysis that provides solutions for various network issues.
We offer our clients solutions based on 

  • Location Allocation

  • OD Cost Metrics

  • Least Cost Path

  • Service Area Allocation

  • Routing Problem analysis

LiDAR Data ProcessingSurveys conducted using LiDAR are capable of providing a highly detailed and precise data in a 3D format which has to be process before they can be used. AGSRT provides services to facilitate the same
Using LiDAR point cloud data, we can prepare

  • Digital Surface Model/ Digital Terrain Model

  • Classify the LiDAR data to create spatial datasets

  • Asset Management and Identification

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